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Course Course Title Semester Hours Subject
PH 262 GENERAL PHYSICS II 4 semester hours PH-Physics
Course Description:    Second of three related courses (with PH 161, which must be taken first, and PH 263). A calculus-based general physics course, required for students majoring in engineering or one of the physical sciences. This sequence is planned as a unified course of study with continuity of presentation across the semester boundaries. It is strongly recommended that students plan to complete the sequence in consecutive semesters. PH 262, Electricity and Magnetism, covers Coulomb's Law, electric fields, Gauss' Law, direct current and alternating current circuits, magnetic fields, the laws of Ampere and Faraday, and electromagnetic waves. Laboratory exercises also develop familiarity with electrical measuring instruments. (NSLD) PREREQUISITES: A grade of C or better in both PH 161 and MA 182 and concurrent enrollment in MA 280 or MA 282, or consent of department. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory, one hour discussion each week.

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