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CE -- Credit by Exam available     (...only)  -- offered only on indicated campus(es)     G - Germantown    R - Rockville    TP - Takoma Park/Silver Spring
Course Course Title Semester Hours Subject
ME 100 WEATHER & CLIMATE 3 semester hours ME-Meteorology
Course Description:    Covers local and global weather phenomena. Topics include global and local energy budgets, geographic and seasonal variation, surface and upper air weather patterns, clouds and precipitation, catastrophic occurences (snowstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods), and global climate change. Using real-time and archived web-based data, students analyze local and regional weather patterns and events. Students may recieve credit for either ME 100 or ME 101, but not both. (NSND) PREREQUISITE: A grade of C or better in MA 094, appropriate score on the mathematics placement test, or consent of department. Assessment levels: EN 101/101A, RD 120. Three hours each week.

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