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CE -- Credit by Exam available     (...only)  -- offered only on indicated campus(es)     G - Germantown    R - Rockville    TP - Takoma Park/Silver Spring
Course Course Title Semester Hours Subject
ENES 120 BIOLOGY FOR ENGINEERS 3 semester hours ENES-Engineering Science
Course Description:    Introduction to the functions and interactions of biological systems from a quantitative perspective. Topics including concepts in molecular and cellular biology, mechanisms of concepts in molecular and cellular biology, mechanisms of thermodynamics, genetics, gene expression and regulation. Introduction to the modern biological experimental techniques, methods of data analysis and biostatistics. An overview of role of bioengineers. PREREQUISITE(S): CHEM 132 or CHEM 135 with grade of C or better, and MATH 181 with a grade C or better. Three hours lecture and one hour discussion each week. Formerly ES 120.

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