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CE -- Credit by Exam available     (...only)  -- offered only on indicated campus(es)     G - Germantown    R - Rockville    TP - Takoma Park/Silver Spring
Course Course Title Semester Hours Subject
ENEE 222 ELEM OF DISC SIGNAL ANALYSIS 4 semester hours ENEE-Electrical Engineering
Course Description:    Introduction to discrete-time and continuous-time signals. Topics covered include sampling, linear transformations, discrete Fourier Transform and its properties/applications, Fourier Series, and discrete-time linear filters and their applications. Example problems in the context of electrical engineering applications are solved using a variety of software tools, including structured programming and high-level computational packages such as MATLAB. PREREQUISITE: ENEE 140. COREQUISITE: MATH 182 or higher. Three hours lecture, two hours laboratory each week. Formerly EE 222.

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